Plano Gas Line Repair And Appliance Installation

We Are Atmos Approved. Signature Plumbing Can Take Care Of Any Gas Plumbing Related Issues In Your Home.

Plano Gas Plumbing Service and Repair

Signature Plumbing Repairs natural Gas Lines
Signature Plumbing Repairs natural Gas Lines
Signature Plumbing Repairs natural Gas Lines

Please note that if you smell natural gas in your home it is dangerous. You should leave and contact Atmos locally at 866-322-8667 after calling 911.

Most people would say that a constant dripping faucet is at worst a minor annoyance. How about the toilet right outside your bedroom that won’t stop running? Well, that certainly qualifies as ‘bothersome’, maybe even keeping you awake at night. But what about a leaky or ruptured gas line? That’s a whole different story.

Gas leaks can be potentially deadly or life-threatening for everyone in your Plano home. Problems with your gas line or gas appliances require fast action and should never under any circumstance be ‘put off’ until later. Later could mean disaster for your family or neighborhood. You do not want to contact just any plumber to work on gas lines or connections that are faulty. This kind of repair needs to be handled by a licensed Master Plumber. The well being of your home and family can depend on the quality of the work they perform. We are licensed master Plumbers with the State of Texas. 

Our Plumbing can skillfully and safely find your gas plumbing problem. Normally, there are two main reasons that can cause issues with your gas line: (1) Corrosion or rust that causes the pipes to rupture and leak; and (2) Improper installation of existing pipes. Have you ever smelled that ‘rotten egg’ odor? We all have, and it stinks to high-heaven, but it’s there for a reason.

Natural gas is naturally an colorless and odorless substance, so the ‘rotten egg’ smell is added to the gas so it can be detected when leaking. We also advise that you keep a watchful eye on any vegetation, grass, or flowers in your yard, as deterioration or discoloration is a tell-tale sign of a gas leak below the surface.

Whether it’s a major gas line repair, a quick installation for a brand new gas stove, or you need some gas logs installed in your fire place, we are the professional, reliable, and preferred choice for all your Plano, Texas gas piping and applliance needs.

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